Castello di Cacchiano: Identity, Engagement, Heart.

When, in 1984, I started my personal experience in the world of wine, I knew that all I would do would be always related to my own history. When I say “my history” I actually mean not only mine but also the history of my family, that of my land and that of the Chianti territory.

Should I describe the essence of my wine, I would define it with three words: identity, engagement, heart.
Identity is what makes my wine unique, recognizable, inimitable: the soil, the microclimate, the vine. Identity though is not only determined by nature but also by the work of man.


The love for this land


I think that all the people who worked here generation after generation, as I do today and as maybe my son will do in the future, did it with determination, devotion and constancy. That means engagement and strong involvement.

Last but not least I want to imagine that the people who worked in this land loved it too as I love it.  This is what I mean when I say “heart”.